Friday, 12 August 2016

Do you get your PC issues fixed by Cyber Scammers?

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In the last couple of years these Technical Support Businesses boosted the service based industries. This lead to bring more competitions. In the meanwhile, when people were gaining trust, there were scammers who were trying to take over this industry with the help of hacking and issue-causing-software(or tools).
You don’t believe it? or You do? In both the cases i assure you would love to read the below issue which is very famous and common.
You must be knowing about the issues where your Internet browser freezes while you try opening some website. All of a sudden you receive an error (or a message) on the screen that tells you to call a number (which falsely claims to be your Anti-Virus Support Number *but it is not!) You become worried, and in that direction you pick your phone up and make the call. Now, Here starts the important story you should know. An agent of some company picks up the call and *claims to be from your Anti-Virus Support. He investigates and informs you – “Oh my God! Your computer has a lot of viruses in it.  The hackers have attacked on your computer, your data is not safe anymore. If you do not take an action right now, then computer’s security is at risk.”
“Oh no! Oh my God! What should i do now?”- You Say. And all of a sudden some Agent tells you that he will take your computer on remote and will fix the issue as he has some malware removal software that will do things right. But in order to to get that software, there is some charge that starts from $49. You want your computers safety, so you pay and everything is good. Till now everything is fine. You happy! and The Company(where you called) is also happy!
Happily Ever After?.. No!
Now! let’s tell you the climax of the story. There are people who associate a pop-up tool to some websites that take you to a landing page. When you click (even by mistake) then that tool freezes your Internet Browser (IE) and your computer as well. Then you get the Pop-up to call. Now the question is why these people set those Pop-up tools to your websites? Because they are being paid by the company whose number flashes on your screen (as an error).
You don’t wanna trust? Click on the link to see the images as proof or below is the image-
This kinda you get a pop-up or a small window!

This is how the pop-up calls are sold!

So now do you trust us?
Whenever you get such issues and your computer’s security is at risk. You may send an email to us informing about the number displayed on the screen so that we can add them to the scammers list.
In this evolving technical world, frauds and scammers are everywhere. So test before you invest!
Sorry to tell you all this but in case if you already got a call like such or if you get then kindly let us know at 855-780-7963 so that we can add that number to the scammer list. But before calling us, request you call them and inquire about the issue, resolution and how much money they need for that ;) 
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Monday, 8 August 2016

Your Sensitive Information or a “Bulk Raw Data”

Hi There,
In this Article we will be telling you about the Marketing Phone Calls that you receive from these kind of (Outsourcing) businesses.
Have you ever noticed that as soon as you buy a new number, you start getting marketing calls? Yes?
Or, did you ever try to find out how you get those calls when you have not asked for them?
Of course, you should not get those marketing calls on your number because that’s your private number. And you want to use it in order to stay connected with your friends and family. Now let’s start from the beginning. As we all know that marketing gives a speedy growth to a business. A company turns into a brand because of marketing. The chain starts from the company from where you buy the products. Because with them you disclose your email IDs and phone number (sensitive data). Then your Device Manufacturer starts email and phone marketing (like you get calls for latest products or updates in existing devices).
As you know this today’s world is a Support World. So a company launches its product but that product is of no use if users doesn’t know its usage. Here comes the Support Business, where there is a helpline number on which you call and you get support. But a manufacturing company’s lead work is of manufacturing, not providing services. It turns little difficult to handle the budget and services department.
Now this manufacturer deals with an organization which offers Outsourcing business under the manufacturer’s budget. Please make yourself clear that a manufacturer never wants to disclose the user’s sensitive data, but now the data is also in the hand of Outsourcing Organization. And This sharing of data is a need to setup this kind of business deal and provide you the services you want.
Now in this Outsourcing business people keep on changing every month from the lower designation to the higher designation. Why? Every day a huge call volume is handled by a team of 12 to 24 members (depending upon the requirement and budget). Each agent takes around 20 to 50 calls in a shift of almost 10 hours with less than an hour break. Due to 24*7 support, agent don’t even take their breaks, lunch, or dinner together. One person goes at once and others wait for him/her to return.
Think… you were on call for full day. And you do this daily. If I am right!! then when you are home you only think about leaving your job. And so people keep leaving and coming. Due to this very less people are there in the company who are experienced now and on whom manager rely but not for long. Promotions, salary are also an issue if you performed not that good for a month. Managers also fail to report properly. There is no consistency.
Here comes the story you were reading!
Now when these people leave, they leave with nice links in the company. Most of them join other companies and very few go entrepreneurship (starting their own such company). These Entrepreneurs bring out the User’s sensitive information data (with the help of their links). And this data is called as Bulk Data.
So! Till now I told you how your data goes out of your device manufacturer or cellular company.
Now I will tell you, how you keep getting calls for marketing and support stuff or how you data keeps roaming!
The Entrepreneur who started his company calls you to sell it’s product. The people who buy the product become the Customers for a definite period of time (until you are subscribed to their services). Now what about the people who were not interested? So! Two lists are made. One for the Customers and other for the Not Interested People List. This other list is called as Bulk Raw Data. In order to make more money out of the raw data, this list is sold to similar start-ups. And these not-interested people keep getting calls until they become a customer (for a definite period). It is not over yet! As soon as your services subscription finishes, it’s good if you are continuing it. If not! Welcome to the list of Bulk Raw Data.
Being a user of a network company, nobody wants marketing calls. This marketing thing should be limited till emails. With that belief in mind, we agree that we buy these sensitive data from the market in bulk. But to our customers and to people who are not, we promise that APOYO is not involved in selling such Bulk Raw Data (that includes user sensitive information) to other organization. Whenever we get those data, we block your number from moving outside our organization. And also we apologize if anyone else outside the organization sold the raw data, before it reaches to us.
PROOF to prove you “How these Bulk Raw Datas are sold?” –:(click on the link to see photos)
APOYO Services believes in providing the quality support to our customers and awake them against these scams & frauds.-
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